TeamSing Workshops - Feel the Spirit

Do you want to offer your staff or even your customers a special group experience? An experience that will raise their spirits and strengthen their group identity? If so, then sing with us! Be it as an icebreaker at your company celebration, a team-building activity at your conference or a team-building workshop held over several days, achieving your objectives and incorporating your thematic focuses is always our main priority. We design your workshop so that it supports your aims in the best way possible. The songs that we recommend help to strengthen your messages and ensure that they stay in participants' minds for a long time after your event.

TeamSing - Workshops - Unsere TeamSing-Workshops werden individuell nach den Zielen und Rahmenbedingungen des Auftraggebers gestaltet


we offer you nine workshop formats with different scopes and focuses. We tailor these workshops to suit your company's individual needs and requirements, either as an independent event or as part of your planned company event or conference. Please feel free to contact us to request an offer tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Delve into musical worlds

You decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create and which emotions you want to provoke. If desired, we can even use our TeamSing workshops to create entire musical worlds that inspire people and make them feel right at home. So how does it work? It's easy! All we need for the perfect TeamSing experience is the right choice of songs. If you wish, you can choose one of our customized settings for your event, for example:

  • Chart Hits
  • Gospel Feeling
  • Campfire Experience
  • Musical Stage
  • Rock Concert
  • Football Stands
  • Kölsche Tön
  • Party Hits
  • Epic Westerns
  • Christmas Dreams

Music forms your mental state

Our "Campfire Experience", for example, enables participants to relive the dynamic fun and team spirit of their youth. As can be expected, this experience features songs that all participants will know from the past, accompanied by guitar. Be it in proper style in the green outdoors or in a particularly comfortable setting by a crackling fireplace, we create the ideal atmosphere for you and your company. In this perfect setting, the members of your team can look back on what they have already achieved together. They can then develop visions of what they plan to achieve in the future, ideally in the TeamSing CREATIVITY BOOSTER workshop, which is coached and facilitated by us. This shared singing experience and reflection on the milestones achieved by your company additionally help to strengthen cohesion among the members of your team and their identification with your company and its objectives.

We can also create an impressive and enjoyable sing-along event for your Christmas party. Our TeamSing SING-ALONG workshop is the perfect format for such an occasion, providing employees of all ages, from trainees right through to managing directors, with a fun and interactive experience. Be it in a celebratory festive setting or a cool party atmosphere, this Christmas party is sure to be an unforgettable experience for your staff.

Whatever topic you choose, all of our musical worlds offer their own unique fascinating and intoxicating atmosphere that appeals to every participant as an individual. By immersing themselves in these musical worlds, participants can make the most of the opportunity to share experiences in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Our professional vocal coaches enable us to take even allegedly 'unmusical' people by the hand and use simple and refreshing exercises to spark their enthusiasm for singing as a group. All of our workshops offer these excellent advantages, whatever format and musical world you choose.

TeamSing workshop formats: