You are not sure whether your team will respond positively to singing as a group? Are you convinced of the elemental force that music and rhythm can develop and would like to make music together with your team, but not necessarily have to sing? Do you like to move to the rhythm but singing simply isn't your thing? If so, our TeamSing BODY MUSIC workshop is the ideal solution for you.

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BODY MUSIC is a workshop that activates participants on all levels and provides your team with fun learning activities. It combines rhythm, movement, sound and the voice to create a diverse experience. As a team, you will find out how you can use your body as a tool and make the most of different forms of expression such as moving your feet, clapping and using your voice. The workshop can be attended by all kinds of participants because every individual without exception is able to express themselves rhythmically. After all, everyone has a heartbeat, breathing rhythm or pulse, meaning that we have rhythm in us and can experience it at any time.

TeamSing BODY MUSIC is a workshop that has an impact on all levels of our being, namely on our body, soul and spirit, as well as our interaction with others.

Experience the body as a sound and rhythm instrument

As individuals, we can experience how creating actions and rhythms as a group can get us moving and establish a balance between our body, mind and soul. It helps us to distance ourselves from aspects of our day-to-day lives. As a result, our creativity has new space to unfold so that we can, for example, consider a problem from a different perspective and discover new problem-solving approaches.

On an intellectual level, BODY MUSIC facilitates our mental regeneration in a working environment with a strong focus on cognitive activity. Our mind is therefore able to relax and take a break from being constantly in use. Coordinated movements help to activate the brain and stimulate connections between the right and left hemispheres. All of these effects on the brain are enhanced by the fact that participants also have a lot of fun. After all, enthusiasm is "fertiliser for the brain", as Prof. Gerald Hüther once claimed.

BODY MUSIC ultimately also has an impact on the body. Its direct activating effect stimulates participants' own self-healing powers and increases their sense of health and well-being. On top of this, it is scientifically proven that BODY MUSIC strengthens the immune defence system.

BODY MUSIC will provide the members of your team with a truly fun group experience that will enable them to enjoy movement and try out different sounds whilst also creating a resonance within the group. Participants are given the chance to exchange ideas and experiences as they complete fun activities that teach them about the basic principles of teamwork: trust, courage, listening, perception of our environment, working in close coordination, leading and being lead, and several other qualities. These experiences can be easily transferred to people's everyday working life und ensure an immediate learning effect.