You think that you and your team are completely unmusical? Are scales and harmonics foreign concepts to you? Have you nevertheless decided to say "so what" and have a go at simply singing away and having fun in the 'safety' of a large group? If so, TeamSing SING-ALONG is the ideal format for you!

TeamSing - Workshops - SING-ALONG

Sing-along power for your team

No rehearsals, no castings and no pressure to perform: at our TeamSing SING-ALONG workshop, we don't fuss around but simply sing along. We might not always produce award-worthy performances, but we certainly put our heart and soul into our singing! Be it a pop song, folk song, party hit or a classic soul anthem, the repertoire used at TeamSing SING-ALONG is as diverse as the wide range of participants at our workshops. Our participants have an unbelievable amount of fun when they come together to sing their favourite songs without any 'higher ambitions' but with the inspiring direction of our professional musicians and singers. These workshops are not only fun, but also an attractive way for bringing people closer together.

A workshop format with cult potential

Feeling how a wave of energy spreads through the entire room, coming together to sing your hearts out, getting involved with fun and passion and surpassing yourselves as a group are all experiences that energise both the body and soul and stay in your mind for a long, long time. It therefore comes as no surprise that our participants always want more: more sing-along fun! In fact, before you know it, you'll have already booked your follow-up event. The team spirit within your company will certainly thank you for this excellent decision.