You are you looking for a programme highlight to get people active at your event and counter the 'afternoon slump'? You want to offer an integrative and inspiring activity at your open day? Or you want to give TeamSing a trial run first? If so, our TeamSing COMPACT workshop is the ideal option for you.

TeamSing - Workshop - TeamSing COMPACT

Compact power for your team

In this workshop, which lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, our musical team uses fun activities to encourage your staff/customers to sing along and move to the music. This not only offers participants a fun way to loosen up, but also provides mental stimuli at the same time. Singing activates parts of the brain relevant to business activities, meaning that after the workshop, participants can return to their work or meeting in a highly productive state of mind.

Made-to-measure compact solutions for your company

For this short workshop, we consult with our clients to choose a song that is well known by all. After a quick exercise to loosen up participants, they all sing this selected song. This workshop can be provided for groups of approx. 20 to 500 participants: the more participants involved, the more impressive the results.