Are you looking for an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday working life for you and your team? Would you like to establish an in-house stress reduction workshop as part of your corporate health management activities? Do you want to give participants the chance to not only 'unwind' but also to 'recharge their batteries' and regain their energy and drive? If so, our TeamSing DE-STRESS workshop is the ideal option for you.

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Our workshop provides participants with new ideas and incentives to leave their daily routines and to-do lists behind, go offline and even forget the deadlines that drive us in this modern world. It enables them to rediscover their inner balance, strengthen their presence and regain their vitality and sense of ease. All of these qualities are important resources that allow your staff to master their day-to-day tasks with a different approach and new energy.

Shut out the outside world and focus on yourselves!

This holistic workshop concept features a combination of perception and breathing exercises together with body relaxation activities that first encourage participants to consciously experience their surroundings and then draw their full attention to themselves as individuals and their inner state. After establishing a sense of relaxation and a focus on their inner being, the workshop encourages participants to use their voices and experiment with melody and rhythm. Singing simple mantras and musical sequences as a group enables them all to boost their energy levels.

The unique quality of our DE-STRESS workshop is its connection between recognised relaxation exercises and singing as a group. After all, music is an elemental force that cannot be resisted. To top it off, making your own music, especially singing, has been proven to have a healing effect (for more information, please also refer to our "Interesting Facts"). It allows the body to increase its flow of so-called feel-good hormones whilst also breaking down cortisol, a stress hormone. This group experience enables participants to experience the mutual support that only a team can provide, both during the workshop and beyond. The enjoyable activity of singing as a group at the end of the workshop raises participants' spirits and enables them to return to their work with a positive attitude.