You have put together a new team and now want to redefine and distribute tasks and activities? Your company has ambitious targets, meaning that you want to get your team excited about the challenge ahead and assign responsibilities? Or is your company lacking in new product ideas and you want to take time to tackle this problem and brainstorm away from the day-to-day office environment? If so, TeamSing CREATIVITY BOOSTER is the ideal solution for you!

  "Enthusiasm is fertiliser for the brain"
  (Prof. Gerald Hüther)
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Creative power thanks to a combination of singing and content-related work

With TeamSing CREATIVITY BOOSTER, we create a unique connection between team-building through singing and group work on business topics. As a facilitator our experienced management trainer Bettina Dölken will help your team to make progress on its business issues. The group singing sessions held between these working phases will put participants in a positive mood, support their cognitive processes, stimulate their creativity and increase their team spirit.

Scientific studies have proven that singing as a group activates people's ability to 'get in tune' with other participants and by doing so, creates an emotionally positive foundation for content-related work on solutions to problems. Alongside these benefits, singing as a group also has many other positive influences: Thanks to the latest research findings in the field of neuroscience, we now also know that enthusiasm is like "fertiliser for the brain" (Prof. Gerald Hüther). It strengthens the parts of the brain that are active during exciting activities and cements the links between these areas. With its group singing sessions between the work phases, TeamSing CREATIVITY BOOSTER therefore provides inspiration for the creative process and firmly establishes the decisions made on a long-term basis.

This emotional activation encourages and propels participants to pursue thoughts leading away from the beaten track. The combination of a positive mindset and a feeling of mutual support within the team enables participants to tackle challenges that they would never have dared to approach before. The appreciative atmosphere established during the singing sessions encourages participants to engage in the perspectives and ideas of others so that the team can achieve truly new solutions.

Create access to your own resources

Singing as a group has not only been proven to reduce stress, but also brightens participants' moods and promotes optimistic thinking, enabling them to 'view the glass as half-full'. In this state of mind, people can access all of their resources. The constructive atmosphere in our TeamSing workshops makes it easy for participants to explore their potential and incorporate it into the process so that the team can achieve results supported by all members.

Enable genuine consensus decisions

The momentum within the team generated in the singing sessions and the enthusiasm of team members are used in the facilitation process, where they are applied to the decisions made and the projects resulting from these decisions. As a result, the workshop is able to achieve genuine consensus decisions and a spirit of optimism that accompanies participants back into their day-to-day working lives. This energy can then be used to firmly establish the strategies and/or measures decided and to achieve a high level of acceptance.

Perfect for your business objectives

TeamSing CREATIVITY BOOSTER is an outstanding solution for brainstorming, problem-solving and strategic workshops, for kick-off events such as those held after restructuring measures or changes of management and for sales conferences such as annual kick-off meetings and launch conferences. As a workshop format individually tailored to suit your company's needs and requirements, we offer TeamSing CREATIVITY BOOSTER as a 1.5 or 2-day-long off-site event.