You are looking for a creative power instrument that reflects the values of your company? You want to make sure that everyone is aware of your company's reorientation and give it a 'musical twist`? You would like to generally strengthen your employees' identification with your company whilst offering them plenty of fun and creativity? If so, TeamSing TEAM ANTHEM is the ideal solution for you!

TeamSing - Workshops - COMPANY ANTHEM

Song power for your company

Music has the special ability to reach directly into our hearts. We make the most of this ability when it comes to strengthening your employees' commitment to 'their' company and breathing new life into the corporate spirit at your organisation. By interactively creating a TEAM ANTHEM, we 'conjure up' positive team spirit within your company and make sure that every member of staff can feel it. As a result, you will experience stronger cohesion among your employees and benefit from their more positive stance towards the company’s business objectives and values.

As the renowned neuroscientist Prof. Gerald Hüther once said, if you want to make a change at your company, you need to provide your staff with experiences that "get under their skin". After all, only what gets under our skin will be stored in our brain; this is the only way to secure a long-term effect. To achieve this, why not develop a fitting song, your own TEAM ANTHEM, and use this creative team process as an 'effective boost' for a change in direction at your company?

Create your own TEAM ANTHEM with our coaches

When moderating your workshop, we will help your participants to develop the content and concrete lyrics of a company anthem that reflects your company's inherent spirit, corporate philosophy or mission. You can either ask us to create our own new inspiring composition for your company or to adapt a well-known melody. The highlight of this workshop comes when all participants sing their anthem together and perform it for a video or audio recording, for example.

A wide variety of different potential uses

The special charm of creating your own composition is the fact that you can then use your new company anthem for a diverse range of purposes stretching beyond the workshop itself. Why not transform it into your advertising song or use it as an audio company logo, a ringtone or a tune for callers on hold on your hotline?