You are looking for a completely new, unique and effective team-building seminar that encourages participants to think out of the box? You want your staff to develop on a personal level and your team members to work together in a supportive and respectful way? If so, this TeamSing workshop format is exactly what you are looking for!

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MBTI® power for your team

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is considered to be a globally recognised and effective tool for the development of staff and managers and can only be used by certified trainers. Our new and unique combination of MBTI-based coaching and team-building exercises using singing as a group enables teams to develop on a personal level within just a short period of time and makes their cooperation even more effective.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is based on the typological theories of the Swiss psychologist and founder of "Analytical Psychology", Carl Gustav Jung. It enables users to better assess both their own personality structure and that of other people and to use this for improved communication and cooperation.

The Myers-Briggs model is based on Jung's opinion that throughout their lives every human being develops patterns in their central psychological processes of perception and Judgement; these can then be classified as different types.

Increase your team's effectiveness with MBTI® coaching

As a trained MBTI coach, our experienced team-building trainer Bettina Dölken uses the findings of this successful tool to run personality and team development activities in her team-building workshops.

The conscious and respectful exploration of different personality structures on the basis of the MBTI facilitates the identification of individual patterns and personality traits within a team. These findings can then be used as a basis for optimising the composition of teams and interaction between their members. By revealing different ways of perceiving things and making decisions, which team members find particularly exciting and enlightening, our workshops find a balance between individual self-perception and awareness of others. They also promote target-oriented self-coaching, which has a positive impact on both management style and cooperation within the team.

Enable more enthusiasm and commitment within your team

The special thing about this TeamSing workshop format is the interrelationship between its MBTI coaching and singing as a group. Our combination of these elements in a team-building workshop is currently the only of its kind in Germany. With the support of one of our experienced and charismatic TeamSing vocal coaches, our workshops establish an open, creative and dynamic atmosphere that promotes the respectful and equal perception of different personality structures, perspectives and access channels. Singing as a group helps to increase both team spirit and the open exploration of participants' own psychological processes. Singing helps participants to leave their day-to-day working lives behind, to reduce stress and to take an open-minded approach to a new awareness of themselves and their colleagues.

The combination of MBTI and singing as a group enables our workshops to unite individuals as a team within just a short space of time and to (re-)establish their commitment to the team's task at hand. The momentum and sense of ease established in the experience of singing as a group remain in place beyond the scope of the workshop and help teams to apply what they have learnt and their good intentions in their day-to-day working lives.