You are looking for an audible highlight that reflects your corporate identity and brings it to life? How about your very own choir? Or do you already have a choir or ensemble at your company and want to give it external professional support? If so, our new TeamSing EVENT CHOIR workshop format offers you precisely the support that you need.

TeamSing Workshops - EVENT-CHOR

Vocal power for your CORPORATE IDENTITY

When it comes to companies having their own choirs, the Scandinavian countries have already been leading the way for quite some time. More and more major employers in Scandinavia are now relying on their own company choirs as an active, visible and above all audible element of their business culture. A company choir is a truly invaluable enrichment: staff become attuned to one another, de-stress and form networks with positive dynamics that breathe life into the entire company. Choir events such as performances at company events can then be used to communicate your employees' enthusiasm and exemplary identification both within the company and to the outside world. Your company choir can become a breeding ground for a culture of active and inherent teamwork. With their commitment to and enjoyment of the choir experience, your singers will become dedicated ambassadors of a corporate culture committed to mutual support, solidarity and identification. Your own company choir offers you the opportunity to clearly underline specific company values and make them tangible for everyone.

Professional coaching for your company choir

TeamSing supports your choir by providing professional coaching sessions, for example in the run-up to major performances and events. We can also arrange the performance of your own self-developed company anthem or selected songs so that other employees, friends or guests of the company can also be involved in a singalong, the grand finale or an encore performance. This is the ideal way to enable others to actively share your employees' enthusiasm. Experience how your staff can surpass themselves with our support and spark enthusiasm for your company values.