Song is the true native language of mankind

(Yehudi Menuhin)

Über Teamsing - das einzigartige, begeisterne und teamstärkende Workshop-Konzept

About TeamSing

TeamSing is a unique and exciting workshop concept with event character that uses the power of singing as a group to strengthen teamwork.

Our workshops are aimed at companies and institutions seeking an unforgettable and lasting highlight for their valued employees. They can be used as an interactive activity for a business conference or annual company party, an emotional tie-in for a new product launch or a positive boost at the kick-off event of an extensive change process. Our team at TeamSing helps to ensure that your event is an emotionally uniting and uplifting experience that will be remembered and talked about for many years to come. After all, it is now scientifically proven that singing as a group creates feelings of trust and bonding and makes people happy.

Each TeamSing workshop is tailored to meet your company’s needs and goals. We use a clear briefing on your objectives and the details of your event as a basis for jointly determining which songs will be sung, finding the right balance between singing and business transfer and designing your TeamSing workshop accordingly. Sometimes a short but effective singing session is all it takes to unite and activate a team. At other times, you’ll want to use the energy generated by the singing session for working on your business issues or fuelling your team development process. Differences in positions, backgrounds or points of view and, in fact, anything that divides people, disappear the moment everyone comes together in song. This unique and emotional experience can be readily transferred into your business context, enabling you and your team to handle whatever challenges the day-to-day operation of your company may face.


Are you not a master of your voice? Not a problem! Our TeamSing workshops are structured so that everyone can participate. Our experienced and charismatic vocal coaches make everyone feel at ease so that they will happily join in. With the support of professional piano or guitar accompaniment, our rehearsals are highly energetic and the resulting performance will leave a lasting impression.

Bettina Dölken’s expertise as a business coach not only helps to ensure that our workshop is tailored towards your company’s needs, but also makes sure that your team will internalise this sense of achievement and emotional experience and apply them to their day-to-day business challenges. Our new workshop designs offer even more benefits by using all of the positive energy generated in the singing session in our specially designed problem-solving or MBTI workshops.


A Holistic Approach for the Further Development of Your Team

Das Sing-Modul - Gemeinsam singen - Wir-Gefühl erleben - Aufbruchstimmung erzeugen

The Sing Module

  • Coming together in song
  • Recharging your batteries
  • Experiencing team spirit
  • Mastering challenges
  • Achieving a spirit of optimism
TeamSing - Our modules
Das Business-Modul - Business-Kontext liefern - Ideen generieren - Vereinbarungen treffen

The Business Module

Specified by the client

  • Business context
  • Workshop objectives and topics
  • Target group(s)
  • Framework requirements of the event
Das Transfer-Modul - Teamgeist verankern - Bezug zum Arbeitsalltag herstellen - Identifikation mit dem Team/Unternehmen stärken

The Transfer Module

  • Allowing time to reflect
  • Strengthening identification
  • Firmly establishing team spirit
  • Developing business topics in facilitated workshops
  • Profound team development