Interesting Facts about Singing and Team-Building

Singing strengthens trust

  • Our singing sessions enable TeamSing participants to switch off their thoughts and listen to their gut instincts as they learn to relinquish control and trust their skills, abilities and intuition. In a complex world, it is becoming increasingly important for people to strengthen their own intuition and learn to trust it.
  • In our workshops, participants find out how they can use their breathing to calm down, pause for a moment, free themselves from stress and pressure and recharge their batteries or become aware of their energy reserves, which are an important resource in the hectic world in which we now live.

Singing enables people to surpass themselves

  • Singing as a group releases unexpected energies. These energies motivate participants to strive to achieve all objectives, even ambitious targets that seem out of reach. Mastering a major challenge, in our case the final performance, strengthens participants' self-confidence and their solidarity as a group.
  • As would happen in a pilot project, these experiences are applied to day-to-day working life and used to develop new factors for success and forms of cooperation. As a result, participants are able to mature and even surpass themselves in their day-to-day working lives.
  • We use this approach to develop what is the most important resource within a company by far: its people. After all, it all starts with people.

Singing brings people together across cultural and hierarchical boundaries

  • Nowadays, teamwork is an essential prerequisite for corporate success. Teamwork requires both trust and reliability.
  • In times of globalisation, team members have an extremely wide variety of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds and work in locations all over the globe.
  • Hierarchical differences can also stand in the way of the development of team spirit.
  • Last but not least, the distribution of mobile offices and home office workspaces poses a challenge to a team, resulting in increasingly limited space and time for laying the foundations for effective teamwork in day-to-day working life.
  • In just a short period of time, our TeamSing workshops are able to create a strong basis of trust that will guide your team past any differences and help to increase solidarity among its members.

Singing inspires

  • Singing helps to restore mental flexibility, which is an essential requirement for true innovation. Only once this has been restored can you leave the beaten track and explore new paths.
  • Singing helps people to connect with themselves. Singing as a group provides a deep sense of satisfaction and inner enrichment.
  • It is essential that companies now also consider these key requirements. After all, a dog-eat-dog mentality no longer helps when it comes to making progress. Instead, companies need to establish a stronger sense of community.
  • Many open-minded managers are now asking existential questions as they search for orientation and inspiration beyond their direct environment.
  • The world of science is also conducting research along these lines, with the findings of happiness research, namely the fact that money isn't everything, now being grasped by economists and integrated into their recommendations for business and politics.

Singing makes you happy

  • Music has an impact on the part of the brain responsible for our fears and feelings (amygdala). A combination of harmonious music and positive lyrics helps to reduce feelings of fear or stress and encourage positive feelings.
  • In fact, just a few minutes of singing is enough to increase the flow of the hormones nor-adrenaline, serotonin, oxytocin and beta-endorphin, all of which are important for feelings of happiness, a sense of well-being and social interaction.
  • This helps to strengthen participants' own presence and charisma and enables them to view themselves in a more positive light.

Singing makes you healthier

  • When we sing, stress hormones like cortisol are broken down in our body.
  • Our breathing becomes deeper, which in turn improves our blood flow.
  • Singing also stimulates our cardiovascular system.
  • Our body tension increases, thus improving our posture.
  • Feel-good hormones help to strengthen our sense of well-being.

Singing makes you cleverer

  • Singing is more than just an opportunity to loosen up and have fun: it also stimulates both hemispheres of our brain. Singing therefore additionally trains the areas of our brain relevant to business and supports the interaction between the left and right hemispheres.
  • It encourages the formation of synapses in our brain and develops them in a new and different way.
  • When we sing, we increase our own ability to concentrate and experience anew.
  • Our posture, breathing and resonating cavities are experienced physically and simple melody, rhythm and movement processes are coordinated, resulting in a holistic personal and group experience.

Singing brings people together

  • TeamSing participants learn to not only listen to themselves, but also to others and the group and to adapt to the other members of their team.
  • They experience what it feels like to be supported by the group yet still take on responsibility.
  • Our workshops also enable participants to discover new unexpected potential and to use this knowledge in their day-to-day working lives

Singing has been an integral part of various cultures for millennia

  • Be it at church, on special family occasions, after a successful harvest or even in times of crisis (e.g. spiritual incantations sung during dry seasons), singing has always been a part of life.
  • Soldiers' marching songs, gospel songs sung by slaves in cotton fields, songs at protests and fan chants in football stadiums are all integral elements of their respective subcultures. All of these forms of singing were developed in order to strengthen solidarity, increase perseverance and stamina and reduce fears and worries.