TeamSing EVENT

You are planning a corporate event and want to make sure that its content is positively received and emotionally anchored? Your company has ambitious aims and wants to achieve a spirit of optimism and a certain 'can-do' approach among your staff? You want to leave a possibly painful reorganisation process behind by strengthening team spirit and focusing on the future? If so, TeamSing EVENT is the ideal solution for you!

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Event power for your team

The main focus of TeamSing EVENT is to encourage participants to sing as a group. We work together with you to choose songs that relay the content of your event in the best possible way and ensure that it stays in participants' minds. In the (optional) transfer part of the workshop, we interlock your participants' experiences from the singing session with your business topics and firmly anchor them in a business context. This results in real added value for your company that extends past the qualities of the event itself

Surpass yourself with TeamSing EVENT

Your participants' inspired final performance as a choir will form the symbolic highlight of your event and make it an unforgettable experience for all parties involved.

Made-to-measure event solutions for your company

With TeamSing EVENT, we provide you with a workshop experience that is tailored to suit your specific situation and offers you completely unforgettable, inspiring and motivating moments, perfectly complementing a business programme that otherwise primarily involves cognitive activities. We have even already successfully run large events with over 300 participants and are able to expand our team to offer you a TeamSing experience for virtually any number of people.