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Emotional Teambuilding with TeamSing

Teambuilding via group singing has been conceptualized by two strong women: Choir director Adrienne Morgan Hammond and business coach Bettina Dölken bring teams (more closely) together in their workshops. They make participants surpass themselves and in that way support change processes in organizations. This kind of team development will turn your teambuilding activity into an inspirational event – thanks to the power of music. 

On this internet platform you’ll learn about the underlying concept for our workshops (About TeamSing), how we design these workshops and the different formats we offer (Workshops). Certainly, we also conduct individually devised teambuilding events for our customers. 

In case you ask yourself if TeamSing qualifies for your objectives at all, you’ll find answers on our Occasions page.

In our Videos and photos in the Gallery you’ll get an authentic live impression of the atmosphere in our workshops and how enthused participants are by our events. Furthermore, we introduce you to our Team and answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Under References you can see which companies we have worked for so far; and you can read about what our clients have to say about the impact of our workshops. Interesting Facts complete our internet presence.

We invite you to look around on our website and be inspired. If you have a specific event planned, don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail and request a consultation free of charge. Please use our contact form!

Trust the experts: everybody can teamsing!